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Fine / Visual Artist . Movie Still / Portraits Photographer . Hong Kong, China

Quist has dazzled us with her natural talent in the visual arts since she took up the camera in 2004. By 2006, when only 18 years old, she had already worked her way to the in-house photographer of City Magazine.

In 2008, her debut photography book “Lady Luminance” was published with Asiaone Books and was to be followed in 2013 by her second book “The Unforeseen Mile”.

Up to 2010, Quist embarked on a solo career as a professional photographer, producing works for a wide range of art-related fields including the theatre, fashion, advertisement, and commercial branding.  Apart from photography, she also specializes in graphic design, video art, and movie poster design. Her film photography renders an uncommon mastery in creating the unique atmosphere and mood in the shot through her precise seizure of the moment, with a strong sense of story-telling, a thematic emphasis on the characters and delicious scenic details in the background. Her portraits show a rare gift in grasping the essence of the character, with vivid facial expressions captured at the moment. With a personal interest in the theme of fantasy and the surreal, her works feature an oddly poetic, pleasantly quirky, at times creepy, but nonetheless elegant style.

As an artist, Quist never restricts herself to a particular genre or style, nor does she allow herself to stop at a satisfactory stage. Her philosophy is that an artist should always reinvent himself/herself by creating better works. This formidable force of artistic life is the common expression in all her works.


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