[elf] Production Ltd. 

Creator. Visual / Fine Artist.  Movie Still / Fashion Photographer . 

Beautiful mind sees beautiful things.

To be original.

To be spontaneous.

No expectation.

Quist began her career as a professional photographer in 2006.  Best known for her usage of vivid color combinations and high contrast. Her unique blend of style is  developed from a broad range of artistic and photographic experiences.

 In 2008, she published her first book “LADY LUMINANCE” with Asia One  Books. This book consists of some of Quist’s early work  where she demonstrates her passion for film photography. It was through  film photography that Quist had created her own style blending striking  colors with high contrast and saturation.

Quist  has taken her photography to levels which have constantly inspired  those who know and direct the future trends in fashion and design.  Quist’s first encounter with publishing and marketing came with the  years spent at Modern weekly, where it quickly became clear that Quist was one of the most potent creative forces to emerge from Hong Kong and  China in the last decade.

 Quist’s talent does not stop with photography, as she has directed, designed, and produced products with a local brand Zhenation. Besides her portrait work, Quist has been focusing on collaborating with Zhenation which includes thematic projects where she incorporate her photos into various product designs. Products were on shelf in Lanecrowd and K11 Designer Store.

2016, Quist and Film Art Director Irving Cheung found [elf] production company. Besides project, Quist & Irving would operate “Artists’ Sharing” at Open Secret Studio.

Education & Working Experience

2005 – 2006       


2006 – 2007       

In house photographer of City Magazine(號外)

The Outlook Magazine (新視線)

Modern Weekly (週未畫報)

by Modern Media Group

2008 – 2012      Director of Hidden Culture Ltd.

2010  – 2015      Creator of Zhenation Ltd.

2016 – Present   Director of [elf] Production Ltd.


Proficient in using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Final cut pro, Arena

    Knowledgeable of art project management,  from create concept, design, production to promotion.


2007 Kay Tse, Hong Kong Singer CD Cover “Kay One Plus”

2008 Advertising & promotion leaflet for Pentax K-M camera

2009 Advertising poster and booklet Campaign for Pentax K-X camera

2009 MeChar Handbag Advertising Photography

2010 Art Direction, Photography, Poster Design, Bus Advertising, Billboard and Press Conforence Stage Design for singer Teresa   Carpio’s Concert Tour

2010 Poster & Booklet for Pianist Evelyn Cheung & Timothy Sun’s “Summer Rhapsody” Performance

2010 United Nude –  Conceptual Photography for 5PRCITY BOOK & Catalogue

2011 Ad Campaign for Pentax K-R camera,

2011  Art Director & Designer for “” Mid Autumn Festival Photo Booth at Panda Place shopping mall.

2012 Photography Tutor for Fevaworks IT Education Center (HK)

2012 Film Photographer for Movie “ Control”, Directed by Kenny Bi, Producer and Actor by Daniel Wu

2013 Zhenation “The Unforeseen Mile” Project. Including Books & Products, App and Exhibition.

2013 Photographer for a dancing performance” Walls 44” by Unlock Plaza.

2013 Catalogue shoot for Bossini

2013 Dancing performance poster photography & design

2014 Worldwide advertising & leaflet design for Lalique

2015 Still Photography for  Movie Nessun Dorma 兇手還未睡 , Directed by 邱禮濤.

2015-2016 Still Photography for Movie 非凡任務. Directed by Alan Mak麥兆輝 and Anthony Pun 潘耀明.

2016-2017  Poster concept & photography & design for Movie Brink 狂獸. Directed by Jonathan Li 李子俊.

2017-2018 Still Photography for Movie 風林火山 SON OF NEON NIGHT. Directed by Juno Mak麥浚龍 .



2009  Quist designed 3 series of camera strap – “ Culture Shock”, “Two Tone Twist” , “Lizzy”

Cooperated with Hidden Ltd. Sale in Lane Crawford (HK), LogOn, Homeless, Seibu.

2010  “Utopia Bloom” Camera Strap. Copperated with Zhenation Ltd. Sale in Lane Crawford (HK)

2011  “ The Mood City” Camera Strap. Copperated with Zhenation Ltd. Sale In K11 Designer Store, Asiaone Book Store.

2013   “The Unforeseen Mile”Passport Holder/ Wallet Presented by Zhenation Ltd.  Sale In K11 Designer Store, Asiaone Book Store.


Solo Exhibitions & Group Exhibitions

2008 “Lady Luminance” Exhibition by Quistography

2009   In-store Exhibition for Pentax (Hong Kong) in LOGON, Festival Walk

2009 “Interaction with 10 artists”Hosted by Hidden Culture Studio

2010 “5PRCITY” Hosted by United Nude, Exhibition take place in  Shanghai and Miami

2013   “The Unforeseen Mile” Photo Exhibition in K11 Designer Store.

2013  “Walls44” Photo Exhibition for Unlock Dancing Plaza.


Online Interactive Applications

Cooperated with Fly Ngai ( App Developer )

2010 “Quistography” for Ipad, photo showcase application

2010 “QuistCam” iphone app. Camera application with special double exposure effect.

2013  “Collager”iphone app. Feature theme “ The Unforeseen Mile” By Quistography



2007  “新銳人像攝影集” Published a photo book with 7 other featured photographers by Photonet Company ( Taiwan )

2008  “Lady Luminance”, By Asiaone Books, Sale on Page One, Asiaone Bookstore, Kubrick, DCfever

2010  “5PRCITY”, By United Nude.

2013   “The Unforeseen Mile” Photo book box set by Asiaone Books.