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Walls44 Introduction


Unlock Dancing Plaza Presents

Inspired from serial TV drama, developing into trilogy-like sci-fi dance-music-image-theatreNo one telling same stories of the single event; yet threads unexpectedly linked up two persons, and discovery of their own past and the future…

Walls 44 is a new attempt and cross media creation of Unlock Dancing Plaza in 2013. Consisting of three diverse yet inter-connected chapters, integrating text, dance, music and video together to stimulate imagination from free-form to substantial scenarios. Chapter 1 – taking a mysterious building as background for audience in tracking on clues, where different truth may be unveiled; Chapter 2 – connecting, converging and sequencing his and her perspectives, where stories are not just about them, but every of us ; Chapter 3 – traveling to the past and future to reveal the irreversible truth.


Chapter 1

DisappearanceSpying on weird tenants for disappeared scenes

An old building hidden in crowded city.
An opened umbrella in the house, is a shelter from fear;
A dead body trapped at window frames, reflects the dilemma between in and out;
A graybeard at book corner, reading nothing but sexual classics…After 18 years, she returns to this city seeking out for the truth underneath her father’s disappearance.
From weird behaviors and lunatic appearance of tenants, it induced creepy imagination of neighbors. Are they traces for finding his father, or clues for some other truth?
In connecting body, music and installation, it brings audience to reveal the truth by reconstructing fragments in the muse…


Chapter 2


Memories arise when things vanished that may swallow anyone.
Divided by a wall, there are two distant sets of reminiscences.To the blind singer, memories are recollection of sounds and intimate touches; while to the daughter, footages of the past seems to be somewhat surreal and remote. Can we still linger on memories for the truth?
When people gone, connection misted. Can we still connect with the one, the old times, and even oneself? Does it matter with the truth?
Bodies, music and visuals intertwine with time and space, between memories and realities.

Chapter 3

Emptiness Encountering an alien of familiar human face, is it illusion or salvation?

In the future, our world collapsed.She, at the age of 95, with few survived tenants remained there defending the old demolishing house.
A lady with golden hair and a semblance of 60’s suddenly appears, claiming herself alien from the outer space…
It seems absurd, yet so familiar. Is it real or just spurious memories?
What can we hold on if life must go on?Shall we hang on to our fragmented memories, or rather the nothingness?

Chapter 1 – Disappearance

Photo Exhibition

Photography by Quistography

Date: 13-26.5.2013    /  Time: 11 am – 8 pm  / Venue:  A-Link (Upper Ground Floor, C C Wu Building, 302-308 Hennessy Road, Wanchai)

Outdoor Body Painting Happening

Three sessions of happenings, in adopting body-painting techniques, to create scenes in between visible and invisible
Performer: Vinci Mok
Body Painting Artists: Remex x Marco@Marcotomato Fx Studio
Venue: Underneath Canal Road Bridge, Wanchai

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