Thematic Project

Unforeseen Mile - A journey across America

Work 2013

Company: Zhenation & Co. Ltd

Supported by: Pentax Camera & K11 Designer Store


Concept, Photography, Book Design, Product design, Packing Design, Production, Advertising, Exhibition, Installation.


Born and raised in Hong Kong, a city known for its intrigue and culture, Quist has risen to the top in photography and has received international acclaim. The Unforeseen Mile follows Quist Tsang’s journey across America with her keen eye, capturing striking moments with her lens.
For most of us, the miles we travel in our daily lives consist of the mundane; going to work, the supermarket, to school, the gym or our local coffee shop. The miles that impact our lives, and beckon us to take in a moment of inspiration, it’s suffice to say, are few and far between. With that being said, imagine a journey encompassing 2,778 miles which each mile having as profound an impact as the next. That’s exactly what Quist experienced. What started as a trip to attend a close friend’s wedding turned into many unforeseen miles. From backyard BBQs and boat rides on a lake, a wedding ceremony amidst an old castle, to the majesty of the Mohave Desert, and the memories of a day gone by with the charming motels of the famed Route 66. From the bustling streets of New York, to days amidst a travelling circus, to say the journey was unexpected would be putting it lightly.


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