Concept . Photography

Just Love - United Nude

Photography Campaign
Client: United Nude

Work Creating Period: 2010
Model: Angel Mok & Yola Hung
Concept / Photography / Retouch by Quistography

United Nude originates from collaboration: A Dutch architect and an English shoemaker started a brand and shook up the world. In the process of their partnership they have worked with editors and writers on magazine concepts, with industrial designers on furniture and car design, with fashion designers, with other brands, with photographers, manufacturers, and curators: collaboration continues to be at the heart and soul of United Nude’s existence.
Being well connected within China’s creative industries, the 5PRCITY photo project was initiated with a selection of China’s leading photographers.
The simple theme “Women and the City” in China’s 5 main cities.
Yiki Liu (Shanghai), Pingshen (Shanghai), 223 (Beijing), Song Liu (Beijing), Qiu (Guangzhou), GT (Guangzhou), Quist (Hongkong) and Baichuan (Chengdu). Their pictures together form a time-capsule of the China of today.
Architecture, people, tradition and sexuality.

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